Dance & Ballet

Dance & Ballet

Bodywise offers intensive ballet instruction, as well as jazz for all ages and tap classes for children. View or download the class descriptions in PDF format.

Babies Ballet – ‘First Steps’

  • Children from 3 years.
  • Beginning of dance, movement and co-ordination.
  • Mime, floor work & fun!

Primary Ballet

  • Children from 4 years.
  • First ballet class learning feet & arm positions.
  • Floor work, mime & fun.
  • Ballet posture leading into IDTA medals & exam.
  • Performances on stage and displays.

Grade 2 Ballet

  • Children from 9 years.
  • Barre and centre work, stretches, posture, musicality and mime.
  • IDTA exams. Displays and shows.

Grade 3 Ballet

  • Children from 10 years.
  • More advanced barre and centre work.
  • Posture confidence, IDTA exams.
  • Displays and shows.

Grade 4 Ballet

  • Children from 11 years.
  • Beginning of pointe work (when strong enough).
  • Barre and centre work.
  • IDTA exams. Displays and shows.

Intermediate Ballet

  • Students from 16 years.
  • First professional exams potentially leading to a teaching qualification.

Advanced Ballet

  • Teachers’ class.

Junior Jazz (Freestyle)

  • Children from 7 years.
  • Technique in modern performance style dance.
  • Learning kicks, jumps, spins and floor work.
  • IDTA exams.
  • Shows and displays.
  • Fun and funky!

Senior Jazz (Freestyle)

  • Children from 10 years.
  • More advanced techniques following Junior Jazz.

Advanced Jazz (Freestyle)

  • Children from 13 years.
  • Final level of Freestyle Jazz.


  • Children from 12 years.
  • IDTA medal exams.
  • Shows and displays. 

Body Tone & Zumba

  • Feature high energy Latin and International beats.
  • Easy to follow, high energy and exhilarating.
  • Anyone is welcome with passion to dance.
  • Gives you tone and definition.

  • Prices available on request

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